Q: Do I need a guide to see Wayanad?
A: There is no requirement , It's entirely a personal decision. Some people find carrying a guide book with them to be sufficient, others prefer having someone escort them through the places explaining things as they go along. One option to consider is hiring a guide for one day only and spending your other days on your own. Guides cost between 300 and 500 a day 10 am to 5 Pm
Q: Reasons to get a tour guide:
A: A good guide can not only provide more background information than a guidebook (and who wants to spend their time at the places with their nose in a book?), but can fill in the gaps with a bit of color and insight into many aspects of Wayanad culture, society, and History.
Q: Okay, I don't have to use a guide, but what about getting around the places , how do I do that?
A: A number of ways. Most people either hire a taxi or get a rent-a-car to go around . A route map is available with us. Taxis Cost around 1500/-day. Most of the drivers are reliable, friendly, and speak passable, sometimes excellent English. Rent a car cost approximately about 800-1000/- day. You can get a car on rental with or with out English/Hindi speaking Guides from us.
Q: What about the guidebooks? What are the good ones?
A: Due to the rapidly changing nature of Wayanad tourism and the amount of time it takes from when an author concludes research and the book hits the shelves, anything older than twelve months should be treated with some suspicion and anything older than eighteen months should probably just be ignored.
Q: How many days do I need to see Wayanad?
A: This is another question with no right answer. The default answer is three days though I've met people that found eight hours to be too much and others that found three weeks still not enough. For many the first day's response is "Wow, these places are AMAZING!!". The second day is "This is really interesting." And the third day deteriorates to, "Oh, another organized collection of stones.".
Q: What's the best time of year to visit Wayanad?
A: The end of the rainy season, notably August. Everything is green and lush, the skies are clear, the crowds aren't as bad, and the rains, contrary to popular mis-opinion, rarely create much of any barrier to getting to and around the places. Just bring an umbrella for those brief but at times heavy showers.
Q: What's the best time to start a visit to Wayanad?
A: I would say when you finish your breakfast. You're on holiday, no need to go for work. The only exception would be when it is raining heavily
Q: How do I avoid the crowds?
A: Don't come. You can't avoid the crowds.
Q: What's the worst time of year to visit Wayanad?
A: For weather, it has to be June and July which will be raining most of the time. Otherwise you can visit any time of the year.
Q: I'm pressed for time, can I see Wayanad as a day trip from Mysore/Ooty/Bangalore.
A: Yes, you can, but it's complicated . While I wouldn't recommend doing Wayanad as a day-trip, I realize some people have legitimate reasons for doing so, and one day is better than nothing. It may be a rushed and exhausting day,Its better stay around and see. After all your are on holiday !
Q: How much does Wayanad Trip cost?
A: A three-day trip cost anything around Rs.               5000-6000         5000-6000 for a family of 2 Adullts and 2 Childs, provides you stay in a Home Stay Unit where you will be able to stay, cook and dine. It will be around Rs.15000-18000 if you stay in a Resort.
Q: How do I Book a Resort or Home Stay ?
A: You can book online by contacting the web page www.wayanad-tourism.com . All the resorts and home stays are listed with detailed description. You can get 20-30% discount while book though www.wayanadnoticeboard.com
Q: Wayanad sounds expensive, can I sneak in?
A: Umm, no. Not anymore. Most of the places have ticket checkers at the front and they do their jobs rather efficiently. If you are caught trying to sneak into one of the places without a ticket you'll face a hefty fine. Don't be a blubbering idiot. If you've come to see the places - buy a ticket.
Q: When is the places open?
A: Roughly from 10 am to 5 Pm depends on places.
Q: Where do I buy a ticket?
A: All the tourist places have ticket counters. Ticket rate various from Rs.10 to 50 Per head.
Q: Who takes care of the Wayanad Tourism
A: Restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the tourist places are done by DTPC Wayanad. Almost all of the restoration work is undertaken with revenues from Tourism.
Q: Are there any toilets out at the places?
A: Yes, quite a few. There are a number of relatively new rest facilities located along the roads around the places, rather intelligently I would say, away from any one particular place.
Q: How about the beaches, any good ones?
A: Sorry , No beaches in Wayanad . Wayanad is 1700-2100 meters above the sea level.
Q: What do you recommend for sight seeing?
A: Edakkal Caves , Kuruva Island ,Lakkidi ,Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Pakshipathalam , Pazhassi Raja Tomb, Pookot Lake , Chembra Peak , Sentinel Rock Waterfalls , Kanthapara Waterfalls, Soochipara Water falls, Banasura Sagar Dam, Thirunelli Temple are few of the places in Wayanad which are worth visiting.
Q: What scams should I worry about?
A: Surprisingly, for a place we love to call Wayanad, relatively scam-free. People are not running around looking for ways to cheat you. They will certainly over-charge you given the opportunity. But generally speaking, in Wayanad you can let your guard down a little. The people of Wayand is very friendly and they let you walk free with out causing any hassles.
Q: I have further questions, How do I clarify ?
you can call us on 04936 210061, 09847509565.
You can chat online with the above ids. We are available online from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday