Do's & Donts

With almost One million visitors a year, the hilly District of kerala ' wayanad ' remains one of the most sought after vacation destinations in kerala. Wayanad is known as the land of hills and spices. Compared with other district in kerala, the wayanad District is relatively safe, Major tourist areas in wayanad are safe. However, some basic  knowledge of the area before you go can significantly increase your enjoyment of your visit to the region. 

We've developed a list of "Do's and Dont's" based on our own experience.
  • Don't take a lot of cash with you: There are many ATM's of almost all major banks in wayanad.
  • Driving in hilly area is risky, always keep control of your speed especially in the curves if possible avail services of a driver.
  • In Hilly road please dont take over form the wrong side as its is very risky.
  • Do check the type of clothing and other equipment you may require for the seasons of wayanad you are visiting.
  • The district administration of wayanad has made it mandatory for all visitors at the popular pookode Lake, Banasura sagar dam to wear life jackets while enjoying boat rides here.
  • Always keep your Identity Card to avoid hasselment in hotels. etc..
  • While on Hills / Hill slopes & forests trekking avoid throwing cigarette buts on leaf litter as they are an important cause for forest fires.
  • While boating Do not pollute the Lake in any way. Violation is a punishable offense. Swimming is banned in pookode Lake, banasura dam.
  • Please avaoid plastic bags
  • Avoid loud music and noise.
  • Participating in a social occasion or visiting a home requires conservative dress codes. Do not shake hands with ladies. Always pick up a thing and eat with your right hand. Take only as much as you can eat, do not leave anything uneaten over the dish.
  • Do respect people's privacy while taking photographs. Ask for prior permission before taking a photograph.
  • In May-july you can avail discounts in hotels but in September-april its better to do reservation of hotel of choice in advance as its a peak season.
  • While traveling to high Hills always carry Camera, goggles and Sun screen lotion, binoculars.
  • Do not leave your cash and valuables in your hotel rooms. Keep your cash divided in different pockets.
  • Don't eat anything offered by fellow travelers on train or road travels. It might have sleeping pills. Always travel reserved class in trains.
  • Always chain and lock your luggage under your berth in a train. Don't keep anything valuable near the window. Always carry plenty of water, fluids in trains.
  • Don't photograph women without permission.
  • Don't accept offers of visiting anyone's home unless you are confident of the person.
  • Always use strong suitcases/baggage, as mishandling is common at airports/stations.
  • Don't tip unreasonably and unnecessarily in a hotel. The NEWS soon spreads in the hotel and by the time you checkout there will be a group of them saluting you to expect something.
  • Make travel arrangements well in advance, especially if you are traveling in the peak season (between October to March).
  • Make sure to remove your footwear when visiting a place of worship..
  • Don't buy articles made from rare / endangered species or animals which are banned

Do live the dream, relax and enjoy your time in wayanad.